Monthly articles about collecting vintage cameras


If you are interested, I have written once a month from differenet points of view about vintage cameras on the website of the Finnish Association for the History of Photography (SVHY) once since last May.

So far, the viewpoints have been Plastic shapes, Steampunk spirit, Re-plate the front page, Disguised cameras, Arch or angle (streamline style), Italian design, Let there be light - fiat lux, Especially for women and Black box.

They can be found on the association's website https://www.svhy.org/tietopankki/artikkelit/kuukauden-kamerat/

Articles from April 2021 and earlier are by other authors.

I’ve been trying to break the usual brand-specific or genre-focused thinking.

I was wondering if I should translate these into English and put them somewhere in the more international arena.

15.11.2023My travel article about tirana
18.02.2022Article about the political cartoons in Finland
18.01.2022My article about Jämi gliding centre 1935-1944
30.12.2021Monthly articles about collecting vintage cameras
06.12.2020My text about travel tips for Tirana, Matkaopas 7/2020
18.07.2020Travel article about Nykarleby, Jakobstad and Karleby
27.06.2020Travel article about Reposaari, Finland
17.10.2019Travel article about Dalarna, Sverige
27.06.2019Travel article about Sastamala
02.05.2019Travel article about Rethymnon

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