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15.12.2012At Pirita Spa hoilet in Estonia, 9.-13.12.2012
21.09.2012Visitng the Wewelsburg castle
21.09.2012Visiting the Architecture biennale (the Albanian pavilion) in Venice
21.09.20122WARdS-EUROPE -meetings
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15.09.2010New photos
06.09.2010Towards TIFF Film Festival, Tirana, in December
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22.08.2010In Riga 6.-8.8.2010
22.08.2010Visiting Jakobstad 23.-25.7.2010
22.08.2010Edinburgh & Tirana 6.-12.7.2010
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31.01.2010Some photos of trams in Zagreb, 29.1.2010, are now here.
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30.01.2010The night of Museums in Zagreb: The Mestrovic Pavilion photos from late Saturday evening are here.
29.01.2010On a journey: Budapest & Zagreb
23.01.2010A new article about Tirana
16.01.2010Today my video about Tirana was released in the www-site of Finnish daily "Ilta-Sanomat"
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