Valittu kuvakansio:


During last (many of them) years I have had more that ten bikes. Well, most of them have been stolen. Now I have only four. I try put all of them here, because I like them. And use. The oldest is bike which my mother bought in the year 1939, 18 years old. I was the first trekking bike for women made in Finland by Tunturi. All the photos of this Tunturi model -39 has been taken with film camera in 1998. So that´s why those photos are "soft", analogical. Second in row is my "Itinerant Ten" - made for long road biking with ten chain gears. The first trial version was made 1975 and I bought it. It has been stolen twice, but now I have one similar, although not the original item. The third is a Russian with folding frame, crude and heavy but robust. Maybe from the 70´s. The last is Italian Atala Rondo, bought in Copenhagen 2001, the Mecca of all bicycles and bikecyclists. Nice design and steady, spins like a dream, but maybe best for short journeys, less than 50 kilometres.