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000Albania 2010!
This exhibition can be seen at the Museum of Cultures, in Helsinki, open until the 9th of January 2011.
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at the studio, tampere, 20100115At the town studio in Tampere 15.1.2010
On Saturday we were at the new studio in Tampere with my students of photography - although the studio is still empty.
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tunturi trekking bike model 1939 (0)Bikes
During last (many of them) years I have had more that ten bikes. Well, most of them have been stolen. Now I have only four. I try put all of them here, because I like them. And use. The oldest is bike which my mother bought in the year 1939, 18 years old. I was the first trekking bike for women made in Finland by Tunturi. All the photos of this Tunturi model -39 has been taken with film camera in 1998. So that´s why those photos are "soft", analogical. Second in row is my "Itinerant Ten" - made for long road biking with ten chain gears. The first trial version was made 1975 and I bought it. It has been stolen twice, but now I have one similar, although not the original item. The third is a Russian with folding frame, crude and heavy but robust. Maybe from the 70´s. The last is Italian Atala Rondo, bought in Copenhagen 2001, the Mecca of all bicycles and bikecyclists. Nice design and steady, spins like a dream, but maybe best for short journeys, less than 50 kilometres.
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fi, juupajoki, hyytiala university,  eni and lila, 20110811. photo hannu sinisalo.  (12)Eni and Lila in Finland 201108
Photos were taken when Eni and Lila (from Tirana) were visiting Finland, especially Tampere, Viljakkala, Juupajoki and Helsinki, in August 2011. Thanks for your magnificent visit - see you in Tirana in December and I´ll wait you to return here, maybe next summer!
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escaping_winter_1st_day_sunrise_in_italy_fiumicino_near_airport_of_roma_25.1.2018.Escaping_winter, _January-February 2018.
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Finding San Marino
moon 10.4..2009Full Moon
The full Moon, just a experiment wtih a bridge camera.
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hotelli_victoria-rasti_itsenaisyydenkatu_tampere_201512._photo_hannu_sinisalo.2Hotel Victoria, Tampere, 201512
Hotel Victoria, former Rasti, was very well known not only as hotel but also a good party restaurant (a.o. restaurants Ruma and Tunneli) from 70´s until the December 2014 when all these buildings were abandoned. In future it is going to be pulled down and some new buildings are coming at this quarter. It is situated on the Itsenäisyydenkatu, Tampere, East from the Railway Station. R.I.P.
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001._kylpylaalueen_kartta.__photo_hannu_sinisalo.Ikaalinen Spa
Ikaalinen Spa is waiting for next operator - properties (3 + partly 2 buildings with about 550 rooms and spa) are waiting because the hotel operator Scandic will end it's operations here on the 30th of November 2020. Start the business and just take contact to the owner ot these properties, group Ikaali Invest / Kiinteistökattaus, email
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tiranaatbriker20100507 (2)wwwIn Tirana 201005
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01.tirana_bunkart._hannu_sinisalo.IS Tirana
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00._23th_october._rethymnon_beach_boulevard.Journey: EscapingThe Autumn
On the 22nd of October I started my journey ?Escaping Autumn? to the Southern Europe, mainly to Greece, Albania and San Marino. Here you can see some photos in chronological order.
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jkl_kortepohjan_student_village_2014071__photo_hannu_sinisalo_2Kortepohja Student Village, Jyväskylä, July 2014
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jkl_kortepohja_opmn-talo._photo__hannu_sinisalo.Kortepohja_ja_Rentukka_1974-1979. Photos_Hannu_Sinisalo.
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la_pianta_di_citt_1775Le piante di San Marino
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lesney_matchbox_26_cement_lorry_2Lesney Matchbox
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One week in San Marino 201204
Photos for our blog "One week in San Marino".
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opening_projekt56_tirana_20100512 (0)Opening in Projekt5.6, Tirana
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tallinn_piritaspa_front_facade._photohannusinisalo_20121010Pirita hotel in Tallinn 2012-12
Pirita top Spa hotel was built for the Moscow Olympic games during 1979-1980; the sailing competitions were held in Tallinn, Pirita harbour area.

At that time Estonia was part of Sovjet Union so this enermous hotel complex is also made in Sovjet style: a lot of concrete and postfunctionalistic shapes in a massive scale. It is very fine example of this architectural style.

I spent there four days in the beginning of December 2012 and the hotel was almost empty.

It is unbelievable spacious, with about 200 metres long corridors (I measured them!) and enermous halls. But also nice functionalistic details, as corridor lights.

Very peaceful place with a real swimming hall (open until 10 p.m.) and a good gym. But best for me was walking around hotel.

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reindeerrock1994aRD Rock ´94
Suomalaista rockia Pokon promolevyllä. Tommi Hännisen "Burn rubber in Hell" -kannet. 20 biisiä, mm. 22-pistepirkko, Dave, Laika, Peer Günt, Wolfmen, Hybrid Children...

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apocalypse_stone._photo__hannu_sinisalo.RSM 201404
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No so che è questa banconota: campione senza valore, 50 lire, anno 2014.
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rsm_serravalle_azzurro._ezio_bologna._antigh_20141213._photo_hannu_sinisalo_2San Marino_Antighi_Azzurro,
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1._rethymnon_beach_kitesurfers_25.10.2018._photo_hannu_sinisalo.Syksyä paossa, 2018
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tandbergit_1966-1974Tandbergit 1966-1974
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tiranatekkealevian20100509 (6)wwwTeqe Alevians 20100509
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Viljakkalan perinnepiiri 2010-2011
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ta vedostuskurssi pimiossa 201102 kuvat hannu sinisaloWorkers Academy in darkroom at Voionmaa Institute 31.1.-4.2.2011
Students of Workers Academy (from Grankulla / Kauniainen) were at the Voionmaa Institute at the darkroom course having film photograhpy and b&w printing techniques. Nice week (from the 31th of January to the 4th of February 2011) also for me, many thanks for you all!
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